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Outdoor walks and Woodland Wanderers

All the children attending the nursery are regularly given the opportunity to explore the natural environment of the surrounding area.


Woodlands Wanderers at Happy Days Childcare

Babies are taken out in buggies to experience the beautiful Suffolk countryside while older toddlers are taken out to watch tractors working in the fields and walk in the woods.

They enjoy activities such as stomping in puddles and collecting conkers from a cluster of horse chestnut trees a short walk from the setting.

As they reach Fishes Room the children take part in a more structured Woodland Wanderers each term and each season has an individual programme of activities.

Activities for the children on our Woodland Wanderers days
Children observe the changing seasons at Happy Days Childcare Woodland Wanderers

With the woodland close by they witness the changes that take place throughout the year, such as seeing the leaves unfurl in spring and observing the berries and fruits in autumn.

We consider this exploration of the natural world important for all children at the nursery as it develops their knowledge and respect for the world around them.

It allows each child to explore their physical capabilities, expand their imagination and work with their friends to achieve a goal.

Woodland Wanderers activities at Happy Days Childcare in Suffolk.

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